Get Started with imCMS

This is how imCMS works
This information is given to the first time user of imCMS. Use it as a Quick Start manual and support to get started.

  1. Change password
    It is very imprtant that you change the password for the user "admin". The easiest way to do this is propably to push the "login" button on your new system, or to use the URL: Enter the default user id "admin" and the default password "admin" and click on "Edit profile". Then change your id/password and save tha changes.

  2. The admin-panel - and the administration pages
    All administration in imCMS is either done by the admin panel on every page, or by entering the administration pages (click on the button "Admin" in the panel. The button is only visible if you have sufficient privileges.

    The admin panel is shown to any user that has logged in with sufficient privileges. The panel gives the possibility to edit text, images, links and new pages, appearance (templates), document information, permissions etc.
    To administrate a certain page in imCMS - you do not have to go to a special admin saection. Just use the panel on the particular page. If you wish to change texts - click on the "Text" button, if you wish to change images - click on the "image" button etc. Then choose the text or image you wish to change - click the red arrow - and change it.

    The buttons shown correspond to the privileges that a certain user has. If a user only has the option to change texts, only the text button will show, etc. This is a feature that will simplify the use of imCMS for most users.

    To the right on the admin panel is an "Admin" button. Users that have sufficient privileges can se that button. If a user has limited privileges without acces to "My admin pages" or "Super admin pages", the button is hidden. The admin button leads to "My admin pages" where an adminsitrator can reach all of his/her pages i the system. If the administrator is "Super admin" he/she can also change all the basic parameters of the system, like users, roles, templates etc.

  3. Add your own templates
    In your personal system you will want to use templates with your own design. Please find more information in the Quick Start Template Manual.

  4. Add roles
    If you wish to give different acces to different pages, or let different administrators have access to different pages you need to create roles that are given permissions on those pages. This is done in the "Super admin" section of the system.

  5. Add users
    If you will have other persons administrating the system, or if you wish to give different access to different users, you have to create personal user accounts for every individual. This is done in the "Super admin" section of the system.

  6. Add privileges / permissions for a page or document
    The button "Permission" in the admin panel give you the possibility to define different priveleges/permissions for every role. All privileges are inherited to the new pages that are created from a certain page.

  7. Add information about a page or document
    If you use the "Page info" button in the admin panel, you can among others change the information of the page given in links, define date & time for publishing, archiving and erasing the page.

  8. To publish a page
    If you wish to publish a new page, you use the "Page info" button in the admin panel, and choose status: "Publication approved".
If you wish more detailed information - please find it in the Quick Start Template Manual