We are greatful for any error report

We are sorry that you have ancountered an error. We hope to prevent it in the future.
In order to improve imCMS, we need your help with the information about the error.
Please send it to support@imcode.com

The information we need is:

  1. A description of the error, if possible in a way so that we can recreate the error
  2. What version of imCMS you are using. You will find the version number in /servlet/Version...
    e g www.acme.com/servlet/Version
  3. Date and time of the error
  4. If it is your own system - please send us the error.log. You will find it in the Super Admin section -> File manager, in the directory: /WEB-INF/logs
  5. The browsers eroor message if any.
Thank you for your cooperation!

/The imCMS development team