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As one text field in administration mode labeled on page by two special marks/links to text edition page – all text fields should be placed in valid place in common HTML code. It is not allowed to place the text field inside Head tag (e.g.), or inside other HTML tag, because special marks will not be placed in valid place and the page will generates wrong.

As a solution for above-mentioned problem is used mode attribute Read/Write to set the text field position properties.

If the text field has attribute mode=”Read” inside tag, it can be placed inside other HTML tag and can be accessible to view in normal page mode. In administration mode this text field will be not accessible because of special marks absence. To edit this text field content the additional text field tag with same number but with attribute mode=”write” should be placed in valid place in common HTML code. This text field will be accessible to edit and enabled on page with special marks only in administration mode, but not accessible in normal mode.


<table border="0" width="550" background="<?imcms:text no=’9’ mode='read'?>">
<?imcms:text no="9" mode='write' label='Link to background image:'?>

Example shows that by means of “Text” button pressing and then special mark “Link to background image” pressing is possible to edit the link to image for table background. This link is legible through attribute mode=”read” in table parameter – “background”. When the page is in the normal mode, the background image is enabled in page (table).

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