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Label attribute is using to give the name for current text field, which shows with special marks in administration mode that can be helpful for administrator to control the text field content. Also with Label attribute is possible to give name for other page sections: link, image, menu etc.
If the label text need to have a certain look, it is possible to set imcms_label in stylesheet:

A.imcms_label:link, A.imcms_label:visited { font: 10px Verdana; color:#c00000; textdecoration: none; background-color:#ffffcc }
A.imcms_label:active, A.imcms_label:hover { font: 10px Verdana; color:#000099; textdecoration: underline; background-color:#ffffcc }

Example 1:

<?imcms:text no='100' label='Contact information:'?>
<?imcms:text no='101' label='Internet address (without http://)'?>
<?imcms:text no='102' label='E-mail address:'?>

Example 2:

<?imcms:image no='100' label='Picture 1'?>
<?imcms:image no='101' label=' Photo 1'?>
<?imcms:image no='102' label='Screenshot 1'?>

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