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Menu in imCMS is using for single links or navigation menus which can contain unlimited amount of links.

The general tags for menu creation are <?imcms:menu?> to define the beginning and <?/imcms:menu?> to define the end of menu.

Menu partly consist of ordinary imCMS tags in format <?imcms:menu?> and partly of data tags in format .

The <?imcms:menu?> tag can contain inside some attributes which controls menu properties.

The tags with #-symbols is pure data tags which imCMS system replaced by text or HTML content on page.

To provide the link creation in menu use tags #menuitemlink# to open and #/menuitemlink# to close link creation. Later imCMS system changing #menuitemlink# by <A HREF=… and #/menuitemlink# by </A>.

The link text in menu can be used as page heading (#menuitemheadline#) or as subheading (#menuitemtext#). To insert the image or button in menu use #menuitemimage# tag.

The page where all above-mentioned data can be inserted is located under the “Page info” button in admin panel.

To control the number (meta_id) of page which link will show use the #menuitemmetaid# tag.


Tags <?/imcms:menu?> and <?/imcms:menu?> should be placed only in valid location in current HTML code because of their replacement with “Link creation special box” that appears on page after Link button press while administration mode.

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