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<?imcms:include?> - Includes an existing page or file. The tag can last either static or dynamic depending on its attribute.


  • no
    When the attribute “no” is placed, then the dynamic include is started on the page with order according to the attribute value. 
  • document
    Static include. Includes an existing page with a Meta ID ex.1234. Can be complemented with the attributes “param” and “template”.
  • param 
  • template
    Control template model for including document.
  • file
    Includes file into the page.
  • url
    Includes URL into the page.
  • sendparameters
    The parameters of the request are sent along automatically.
  • sendcookies
    Send all other cookies to the server.
  • sendmetaid
    Send the id of the current document in the http header "X-Meta-Id".
  • sendsessionid 
    Send the JSESSIONID cookie to the server.

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